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  • Yes! Let's Be Addicted to Fitness....

    In Awareness Tips On 10 January 2018

                      No one has ever thought of how amazing one can be if fitness is maintained.   "THOSE OLD INDIAN NAVAL CADET-SHIP DAYS WHICH INSPIRES YOU TO REMAIN IN FITNESS THROUGHOUT & PASS THE SAME TO ALL"             Imagine, Early Teenage,Early Twenties,Early Thirties......WAIT,in whatsoever age you are, if you really enjoy your fitness or yeah you are addicted to Fitness then You will be the one enjoying life to the fullest.   Just think, you are ready to hang around anywhere. Just think,people count you as a lively figure. Just think,people love to be in your company. Just think,you are an inspiration to many. Just think,you are admired by many known & obviously by many secret admirers too. Just think,you are been followed by many.   And,when it comes to fitness,the first step to start is with "THE FOOD",OOOpz! "THE RIGHT FOOD".   If you are heading towards Fitness, you are looking for the transformation or you are a fitness freak then you need to enjoy the Healthy Eating Habits. One should just wonder how a person can be,if he/she is completely fit & enjoying life.No cribbing,No complaining,No negative thoughts : Simply enjoying the beautiful life with the right regime & the right food.

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Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi

Nutritionist/ Dietician, India 

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