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  • GOOGLE DIET : Implemented for the So-called Smart People.

    In Health Tips On 22 December 2017

    As a Dietitian,whenever I sit for consultation or have some general talk,I personally come across so many queries which are embedded in people's mind when it comes to what they actually eat & the culprit to the thoughts is Unfortunately "THE GOOGLE". People may sound smart nowadays but frankly speaking,they don't act the same.They have started relying on the google more than the personalized degree of an individual. GUYS!For an instance,if you will google I want to loose weight how should I? There will be thousands of things which will pop up on the screen & you start following them blindly. But,you so-called smart people don't know that poor Google doesn't know your age,sex,weight,food allergies,medical history,past illness,hereditary diseases,likes/dislikes,availability of the food,schedule/routine. Neither it will take your feedback nor follow you.At the end,you will just keep searching and scrolling for the peace of your mind.You never go to Police for a haircut so why to some quacks for your food queries? And a suggestion,Why you guys don't tell the condition of your disease & let google prescribe you the medicines too....Hahahahahaha LOL!!! You may like to read our post  from Nutritionists.   

  • HARA HACHI BU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Health Tips On 10 January 2018

                                      A CENTURY OLD SECRET : HARA HACHI BU!!!!! According to the JAPANESE saying,"HARA HACHI BU",EAT UNTIL YOU ARE 80% FULL. Experts say that this is the key to a long,healthy life.   Ancient wisdom dictates that one should never eat to fill one's belly 100%.Eat up till you are 80% full.Overeating or being full means that your digestive process takes a long time to process the food. This accelerates Cellular Oxidation,which in turn ages you faster.                                                 SCIENCE BEHIND IT!!!! When your stomach isn't entirely full,it has extra space.This allows the stomach to perform the digestion process quicker.Also,the stomach churns and breaks down food efficiently. However,if you eat to fill your stomach 100%,then it gets stretched.It requires more food to feel full.This can cause health problems.   Thus,following "HARA HACHI BU" has various health benefits : *Your waistline never expands. *You have a strong digestive system. *You are able to avoid Obesity,Acid Reflux,Gastrointestinal Problems,Metabolic Disorders.   One who are following this principle from a consistently long time,have the lowest levels of free radicals in their blood which means lower risk of cardiovascular diseases,cancer and other old age related diseases.                                                                 WAYS TO FOLLOW HARA HACHI BU!!!!!!     RESETTING YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY. AVOID GETTING OVER HUNGRY. EAT SLOWLY. DON'T SKIP VEGGIES AND SALADS. OPT FOR SMALL PLATES. For More visit our link :                          

  • Yes! Let's Be Addicted to Fitness....

    In Awareness Tips On 10 January 2018

                      No one has ever thought of how amazing one can be if fitness is maintained.   "THOSE OLD INDIAN NAVAL CADET-SHIP DAYS WHICH INSPIRES YOU TO REMAIN IN FITNESS THROUGHOUT & PASS THE SAME TO ALL"             Imagine, Early Teenage,Early Twenties,Early Thirties......WAIT,in whatsoever age you are, if you really enjoy your fitness or yeah you are addicted to Fitness then You will be the one enjoying life to the fullest.   Just think, you are ready to hang around anywhere. Just think,people count you as a lively figure. Just think,people love to be in your company. Just think,you are an inspiration to many. Just think,you are admired by many known & obviously by many secret admirers too. Just think,you are been followed by many.   And,when it comes to fitness,the first step to start is with "THE FOOD",OOOpz! "THE RIGHT FOOD".   If you are heading towards Fitness, you are looking for the transformation or you are a fitness freak then you need to enjoy the Healthy Eating Habits. One should just wonder how a person can be,if he/she is completely fit & enjoying life.No cribbing,No complaining,No negative thoughts : Simply enjoying the beautiful life with the right regime & the right food.


    In Health Tips On 15 February 2018

    The Secret of Ageing,lie deep in molecular biology. Ageing occurs when cells are continuously bombarded by the chemical particles called Free-Radicals.These free radicals are produced in the body by normal bodily functions like RESPIRATION,ELIMINATION,DIGESTION etc. Free radicals are also produced by Pollution,Alcohol Intake,Eating Rancid Fats,Sugar-Laden Foods,Smoke from Car Exhausts etc.                                         HOW DOES SUGAR AFFECT AGE? Sugar is a sticky substance.When you have extra sugar floating in your bloodstream,the sticky sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins.This sugar attached proteins further cross-link,forming a new chemical structure,which starts the degeneration process within the body. Therefore,Diabetes have a high risk of precipitating heart disease.Excess sugar in the blood is very damaging,your major body organs like,Heart,Kidney,Blood vessels,Eyes,Skin,Nerves are particularly vulnerable.                                       HOW EXCESS FAT MAKES YOU AGE? Fat plays the major role in making our insides age faster.It stimulates production of millions of free radicals,making cells cancerous & dysfunctional.The body can't cope with so many free radicals & the cellular destruction. Consuming a plate of Jalebis,Pakode,Samosa,Muffins,Pastry etc. can cause free radical damage to your body in excess. Why one needs to think to visit a Dietitian to have a Healthy Lifestyle? But,Surprisingly feel happy to pop-up pills & visit doctor,QUIET STRANGE!!!!!!!

  • Hate Waking Up With Bloated Face

    In Health Tips On 26 February 2018

      Yes,Do you hate waking up with the bloated face?   There are many reasons behind this bloated face,you wake up and here you are in front of the mirror with all that bloated face.Alas!The morning starts with such a BAD MOOD! HERE'S FEW TIPS TO GET RID OFF A PUFFED FACE WITH SOME DIETARY TIPS :   REDUCE SALT : Salt tends to retain water in the body that causes puffiness,high intake of salt in the body leads to puffiness & bloating up of your face.So,one needs to reduce salt intake in order to reduce puffiness. CARBONATED DRINKS : It can cause puffiness as sodium content is so far too added in it.   PROCESSED FOOD :  It works as a villain to destroy all good things you are doing to your body in just a single intake.        Not a long list but yes these MINI - 3 OPTIONS if taken care can help you a lot...............

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