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GOOGLE DIET : Implemented for the So-called Smart People.

By Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi  on: 22 December 2017
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As a Dietitian,whenever I sit for consultation or have some general talk,I personally come across so many queries which are embedded in people's mind when it comes to what they actually eat & the culprit to the thoughts is Unfortunately "THE GOOGLE".

People may sound smart nowadays but frankly speaking,they don't act the same.They have started relying on the google more than the personalized degree of an individual.

GUYS!For an instance,if you will google I want to loose weight how should I?
There will be thousands of things which will pop up on the screen & you start following them blindly.
But,you so-called smart people don't know that poor Google doesn't know your age,sex,weight,food allergies,medical history,past illness,hereditary diseases,likes/dislikes,availability of the food,schedule/routine.

Neither it will take your feedback nor follow you.At the end,you will just keep searching and scrolling for the peace of your mind.You never go to Police for a haircut so why to some quacks for your food queries?

And a suggestion,Why you guys don't tell the condition of your disease & let google prescribe you the medicines too....Hahahahahaha LOL!!!

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