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  • HARA HACHI BU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Health Tips On 10 January 2018

                                      A CENTURY OLD SECRET : HARA HACHI BU!!!!! According to the JAPANESE saying,"HARA HACHI BU",EAT UNTIL YOU ARE 80% FULL. Experts say that this is the key to a long,healthy life.   Ancient wisdom dictates that one should never eat to fill one's belly 100%.Eat up till you are 80% full.Overeating or being full means that your digestive process takes a long time to process the food. This accelerates Cellular Oxidation,which in turn ages you faster.                                                 SCIENCE BEHIND IT!!!! When your stomach isn't entirely full,it has extra space.This allows the stomach to perform the digestion process quicker.Also,the stomach churns and breaks down food efficiently. However,if you eat to fill your stomach 100%,then it gets stretched.It requires more food to feel full.This can cause health problems.   Thus,following "HARA HACHI BU" has various health benefits : *Your waistline never expands. *You have a strong digestive system. *You are able to avoid Obesity,Acid Reflux,Gastrointestinal Problems,Metabolic Disorders.   One who are following this principle from a consistently long time,have the lowest levels of free radicals in their blood which means lower risk of cardiovascular diseases,cancer and other old age related diseases.                                                                 WAYS TO FOLLOW HARA HACHI BU!!!!!!     RESETTING YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY. AVOID GETTING OVER HUNGRY. EAT SLOWLY. DON'T SKIP VEGGIES AND SALADS. OPT FOR SMALL PLATES. For More visit our link :                          

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Sharanjeet Kour Sodhi

Nutritionist/ Dietician, India 

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